About us

Our website helps you find the lowest price on ASIC miners and GPUs. We crawl over 50 shops and recognize and sort the products by model. We have extensive experience in providing shopping comparison software and email alerts for various industries around the world. Cryptominer.deals is entirely automated, and there is very little human interaction necessary. All data is near real time, and it's updated every couple of minutes. Payback times are calculated based on the price of the coin, price of electricity, hash rate and block reward. Payback period assumes that all factors remain equal, as it's impossible to predict the future price of crypto coins, electricity, and changes in global hash rate and block reward. For more datils about payback, profitability, and other site features, check out FAQ section.

We are located in Florida, US.

NOTE: cryptominer.deals reserves the right to discontinue a retailer's membership in the CTR program if the retailer no longer meets the defined requirements. Cryptominer.deals is not selling or shipping asic miners, GPU cards or any other merchandise. Cryptominer.deals is a simple search engine and payback calculator. Cryptominer.deals is not responsible for any lost shipments, damaged merchandise, lost orders due to failed businesses, sudden crypto market changes, non-complete crypto transactions. Use our website at your OWN RISK.