Our website helps you find the lowest price on ASIC Miners and GPUs. We crawl over 50 shops and recognize and sort the products by model.

How we get our data?
Our servers continuously crawl over 50 web shops to gather offers with up-to-date price and stock data. To calculate payback and profitability we use current market data from whattomine.com. As these values can vary throughout the day, the daily average is used to get the better estimate.
The data is refreshed every 5 minutes, which gives us nearly live overview of the market.

What is the profitability of a miner?
The profitability of a miner is an estimated earning per day considering the current market. It’s calculated by subtracting electricity cost from daily miner revenue.

What is payback?
Payback is a rough estimate of the time necessary for the initial investment to pay off – with the assumption that revenue stays the same per day and is equal to today’s revenue.
Payback times are calculated based on the price of a coin, price of electricity, hash rate, and block reward. Payback period assumes that all factors remain equal, as it's impossible to predict the future price of crypto coins, electricity, and changes in global hash rate and block reward.

Currency conversion
Prices on our website are shown in your chosen currency and converted from the original prices on retailers’ websites. However, you can buy products only in currencies supported by the retailer.
For currency exchange rates we use exchange rate of European Central Bank that’s updated daily.